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ncluded ■in the targeted ●group."Why t○here is a re

ced○ures of replacing〓 old for n●ew. The governme●nt has req●uired costu●mers to sell their ●old appliances to re●cycling enterprises◆ first, and ■then buy the new ○ones. But this● creates inconven●ience to thei◆r life.Customer,◆ said, "

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subsidies? Isn't it ●a discrimination?"T◆he ne

I cannot■ sell the old on●es before bu■ying new ones. If ●I couldn't find any○ satisfied ones i●n time, I'll ha●ve no applia◆nces to use."Custom〓ers hope their con〓cerns will be co○nsidered in formu〓lating the detai◆led regulation●s by the gove